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What once was a nickname for a cat, this versatile word can now be used as an expletive, a meaningless modifier, filler text, or phallic innuendo.

Not to be confused with Justin Bieber, though he quite possibly may be the biggest beebster around.
My favorite food is beebster. So, I beebstered to the beebster store, picking up some beebster juice and a fresh loaf of beebster, but guess what? I forgot the canned beebster. Oh well. Beebster that. On my way home, I encountered a litter of beebster kittens. I sure do love beebster kittens. They're so beebstering cute and cuddly. I wanted to bring the beebsters home with me, but my girlfriend said no. I was so depressed, I just beebstered around by myself. But later, to make up for it, my girlfriend poured sweet and sour sauce all over my beebster. "Oh my beebster!" I exclaimed.
by 69xBOBxSAGETx69 April 19, 2011
a type of person who makes animated facial expressions and has a wonderful personality.
Oh shoooot ma! That girl is a true beebster!
by omgitsmee123 November 02, 2010
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