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A website created for bitter old bitches to anonymously talk shit about people on Makeuplley. Ironically, the bitter old bitches are people from Makeupalley who are too chickenshit to tell it like it is, and be known. They sit on Beauty Bash all day long, picking apart people's posts, and complaining about how fat they are, how ugly they are, or what losers they are. Yet, they themselves are the biggest losers. They not only post ALL DAY LONG on Beauty Bash, but they sit ALL DAY LONG on Makeupalley too.
Even though people on Makeupalley don't like to admit it, they LOVE to post slanderous shit talk on Beauty Bash.
by Groovynub July 28, 2006
Basically a bunch of bitchy old women who decided it's a great time waster to spy on makeupalley members and make fun of them.
That's it.
That's all they do.
They belong to an obscure site dedicated to bashing the people on another semi-obscure site.
Apparently these people just don't have a life? I don't know. The website says that its dedicated to free speech, but apparently free speech only constitutes making fun of and bitching out other people, usually makeup alley members or maaaaaaaaaaaybe celebrities.
On a good day.
And now for some actual excerps from beautybash:

* Cafe is so fake. Most of them are here no doubt. There's so - few here but when a pic is here is the most featured on MUA every time. ok 14:41:20 2/27/2009 (1)
o yup, i do it. omg! that place is so horrible, how can anybody go there!!!! and all the while i'm going back and forth, lol! and it's not just me! - . 14:45:01 2/27/2009 (0)

For real? This is what you all do with your lives?
by Guess who the fuk. February 27, 2009
A sorry site where people go to actually spy on another. They think that they're particularly witty and clever on beautybash, but they're just lame. Lame for their comments and lame for feeling that it's necessary to visit and support a site like this.

It sure seems to have been started by someone that was thrown out of another site, as this site claims to be all about "free speech." These idiots don't understand what "free speech" really means.
Excerpt from Beautybash:

Name one Mua member that gets on your last nerve. - You can only name one. And you must explain why

* XXXXX - Boring and mindnumbingly repetitive.
* XXXXX - because she's a vulgar moronic harpee
o XXXXX is YYYYY - also
+ Re: XXXXX is YYYYY - they both suck
* I have to say, it is a dead die between XXXXX and YYYYY - Both are know it all c*nts that make me scream at my monitor.
o I feel like a total loser. I actually flip off my monitor when XXXXX is being - a bitch to someone. I want to punch her. I can't post on MUA anymore when she's on bc she is so rude
+ Cool! - XXXXX
by nimble November 03, 2006
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