Top Definition
1. A stick used for beating
2. A powerful weapon
3. A creature whose strength is dealing damage.
4. A penis
5. A drumstick
by e-vis October 06, 2003
a telescopic steel wand that law enforcement officials use as a tool when on patrol or on the beat to detain suspects, used commonly due to its compact size instead of the old fashion baton
That cop broke out the beatstick on that fool mouthing off.

The prison guards used the beatsticks instead of the taser to detain and teach the inmate a lesson

The cop used a beatstick to save the trapped victim escape through the car window
by Jun P. May 31, 2010
A term often used in Trading Card Games when a card is powerful, and easy to play.
Colassal Fighter, if nothing else, is a great beat stick. (Yu-Gi-Oh)
by DeckMasterK August 20, 2011

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