1. A wigger, a white thug or gangster. Mostly associated with being fake or a joke. A beater doesn't necessarily have to be white, He/She can be from any race, it all depends on the dress code and the attitude.

2. Can be used in combination with other words such as "Gino-Beater" and "Hockey-Beater"
1. hahahahahah, K-Fed is such a beater!

2. That guy Anthony from high school was a big time gino-beater!
by Bobby Wham October 16, 2006
A bad snowboarding crash/wipeout. Popular in snowboarding culture. An inevitability for progression in the sport.
He took a beater off that jump.
by ar0nious September 14, 2009
Largest piece of shit car. Candiates are, but not limited to, Mercury Tracer, Geo Metro, any Toyota Camry of any year, or any shitty car that you would only ride in with a bag over your head, or it smells, looks, drives, and tastes bad.
Guy 1: Hey man, Check out my new whip!

Guy 2: Dude, that thing's a fucking beater.
by Larry Davidzz November 08, 2011
A slacker. Also: smart-mouthed punk, loser, cheapskate, lazy mofo. Notorious for trying to look cool whilst loitering, spitting, smoking, leaning, and/or being in a "band". A beater usually has more bark than bite and will back down if challenged.

"Look at those posers! What a bunch of beaters!"
by M. Payne January 13, 2008
1. your backup guitar, that isn't your main guitar. just in case you break a string while playing on stage

2. a base model guitar with modified pickups

3. the guitar you duct tape the straps to for practicing guitar throws and whatnot
i've grabbed myself a new beater the other day, i just need to put some duncan blackouts into it and it'll be good to go
by aimfor7 May 27, 2011
1. A nickname appropriate for a drummer, violent alcoholic or chronic masturbator.

2. A drummer who lives deep in the woods. Sightings are rare and cause for several days of celebration.

3. A very cheap car; one you can drive recklessly without worrying because it is already a worthless piece of crap.
Dude, did you see Beater?

Yeah, man, we drank whiskey together for three days! It was awesome!
by Criscipline September 22, 2010
Anything of a lesser quality or value than what is generally acceptable. Alternatively, something that consistently disappoints either through poor performance or bad decision making.

Noun or adjective, use as you see fit.
"Have you heard Todd Snider's version of Beer Run?"
"Yeah, bra, that's a beater rendition. Garth & George's is the only one for me."

"UCLA has a beater football program, never a contender for the 'naty and one Heisman winner (over 35 years ago). That's only one more trophy than ITT Tech has. Bunch of beaters."
by Geoffy July 11, 2006
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