The art of beating off to internet porn and deleting the history before someone checks it.
Dude hurry and Beat and Delete before someone checks the computer history
#masterbation #to #internet #porn #computer #history
by UNoMeFool August 12, 2008
Top Definition
The act of downloading internet porn, masturbating to it once, then deleting it due to either paranoia or lack of interest.
"Yeah man, you'll never find any porn on my hard drive, I practice beat and delete."
by Path January 03, 2005
to receive pictures of nude girls via Kik, tinder, text, or any other messaging service and then to masturbate to those pictures. After masturbating the person will delete the pictures.
Guy 1: Hey man did you get those pics from sarah last night?
Guy 2: yeah man, I hit a beat and delete session afterwards.
#masturbate #whack #nudes #kik #beat #porn
by beat master August 28, 2014
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