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slang term for "Milwaukees Best Ice" which is a low cost beer. the "Ice" denotes the process in which the beer is made, freezing than removing the unfrozen "alcoholic part" and using that as the main substance in the brew, giving a stronger beer creating quicker drunkeness.

This beer is usually used at college parties because of its low cost and ability to get people drunk faster opposed to a "non ice" beer.
me and peter shotgunned some beast ice before going out to the party, we were so messed up we past out in the car on the way there.
by Lotucris August 20, 2006
The manliest tasting beer in the world. If you drink this delicious beer then you most definitely are a man.
Dude is that guy drinking beast ice?

Yea he must get all the biddies.
by saggy titties 44 April 29, 2011
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