of or realting to bao nguyen, bao nguyen is a extremely awesome basketball player so there fore he is beasht, beasht also can be used as a adjective
That Bao Nguyen, he is such a beasht.
by Mat McCollum May 10, 2006
Top Definition
of or relationg to Bao Nguyen. the next step after beast. it is precisely 4512465978465 times better than a beast. if you are ever called a beasht, you are a god among men. can be used as a NOUN, ADJECTIVE, VERB, or INTERJECTION.
NOUN - Dude, that Tony kid is a beasht.
ADJECTIVE - Tony's football skills are beasht.
VERB - "Are you gonna beasht it up today, Tony?" "Oh, fo sho."
INTERJECTION - "I got a 100 on The Nooj's math test." "BEASHT!!!!!"
by Chase Martin June 08, 2006
a hairy, unshaven, man. known to return to place off origion to reproduce off-spring, i.e. claremorris. verbal communication limited to..''vvvat'',''fuck off',''yeah..good lad''
beasht is damn hairy
by b easht watc her April 19, 2005
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