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A cat, often very pretty but always very mean. Likes to suck people into petting her, then she bites them. A bearsome almost always has an angry look on her face, most likely because she hates the world.
That bearsome just bit me!
by Bearsome fearer August 19, 2006
A threesome involving three large, husky, hairy gay men.
Mike: I'm so mad, dude.

Tom: Why, dude?

Mike: Well the dudes that live above me in 3B are gay, which is totally cool, I support that. But they had a bearsome, and half way through my shows, they come crashing down into my living room all tangled up with eachother on their bed.

Tom: Damn! At least they were getting some

Mike: Hell yeah!
by thejonsays February 06, 2011