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the best P2P filehsaring program ever created by anyone in the world ever. also a cool name.
Rob sent me bearshare last nite, i downloaded the new slipknot single so fast i almost jizzed my panties.
by Euan Reid aka Wilf McGilf May 14, 2005
A completely useless file sharing program that's nearly impossible to get for free. It sucks only a bit more than LimeWire, but still beats the shit out of Kazaa.

See also bitch, computer killer, etc.
BearShare is a bitch. Just download it on BitTorrent.
by RawrxXiHateDrama July 30, 2006
A great P2P file sharing program which has fast servers and download times, i highly recommend Bearshare.
Did you download that song on Bearshare?
by Little_chris October 20, 2004
A progam which you can download music.
I used bearshare the other day to download these songs.
by goosie April 10, 2004
Downloading Program...way better than kazzaa and limewire. only EMUlE can beat it.
"hey i need to use bs...let me on the comp"