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A child born to parents of mixed back ground. Specifically half mexican and half german.
When Mexicans in the US Army are stationed in Germany there are sure to be many a beanerschnitzels running around very soon.
by phil January 13, 2005
A man or woman that was sprouted into this world through the sexual intercourse between a beaner and a nazi.
Ralph, look at that Beanerschnitzel he's eating a quesedilla and downin' it with Heinekin!
by Peter Pan's Nephew Narf December 22, 2003
A child that is a product of one Mexican parent and one German parent.
"That's a good lookin' kid!"
"Yea, he's a beanerschnitzel."
by burger05 March 19, 2010
A person of mixed German and Hispanic descent.Basically they must have both German ancestry,and a parent who grew up in a Latin American country,regardless of whether they have much/any Amerinidian blood or not.
OK,so my Dad is German and British and my Mom is German and Spanish,but was raised in Honduras.

Wow,you're such a beaner schnitzel!

I know,right!
by clarissatheone07 January 09, 2011
Me! tu eres un cavron, peter pan's nephew! guttenburger!
Hey esse this fucking blows homy. Mi madre is un Mexicana, Jah? and Mi Papa is Deusthe! guttenheim! puto! Berlin Wall! Mexico! how dare you insult mi familia!
by I/m Gangsta December 24, 2003
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