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A bean ceasar salad is basically involving the act of tossing the salad (licking someones asshole). In this particular salad, first you lick the asshole, than you add the ceasar dressing I.E. Cum in the asshole. then when you continue to lick it, your partner surprises you by adding beans to the salad. I.E. Shit, poop, mud, brown biscuits, sloppy joe, skat, and or ghandi. Directly into your mouth making a wonderful variety of flavor and bacteria and in your particular case probably those Delicious STD's* as well. Eat on Rhabbi's!

* STD's: Super Tasty Diseases.
Erik: Man i was really tossing Patunia's stinky fuckin salad right? but little did i know she made plans for a bean ceasar salad...i mean i still ate it though.

Scooter: Thats Fucked up man! now spread your ass cause im in the mood for some poop sex.
by Crumpets McStank August 21, 2007
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