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The slang name for Buffalo Wild Wings. The "B" is for Buffalo and the "Dubbs" is for the double W's.
Hey, do you want to go to B Dubbs tonight to watch the game and eat some wings?
by Dolla Bills December 05, 2010
8 4
Slang for Buffalo Wild Wings.
Want some wings? Let's go to bdubbs and get some of those yummy caribbean jerk wings.
by MeliMel060 November 15, 2010
21 5
The slang term for a shitty place in California called Buttonwillow.
Man 1: Hey what are you doing?
Man 2: Im going to B-Dubb!
Man 1: Oh. Thats gay.
by One who knows where you live January 02, 2010
3 6