1) a short/slang word for babes. often used on msn, in text messages and in emails
1)"heya bbz u ok?"
"Yeh I'm Gd Tah Bbz"
by Elz-ox March 08, 2008
it's more of a short form of babe of baby
girl: Listen i g2g go
dude: c ya 'round bbz
by Mz.curiosity June 25, 2006
stands for
Bitchy BabeZ!

for any girl who is a bitch, and proud!
they are such BBZ!! they bitch all the time.
by bebbies August 17, 2007
another name for a blowjob behind the local grocery store
damn fool...you got a bbz from who?
by Cindz March 27, 2007
the flyest mofo round.
he's so bbz, lets all go and have a look.
by bbz August 25, 2004

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