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To bbox , meaning that you make a rhythm and sounds anyway possible by using the mouth .
Whistling, popping , makin beats with your mouth.
Whistling, Popping , Bustin rhymes , Flowin beats
I was bboxin with my friends.
by BBOX696 April 03, 2007

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bboxin bustin rhymes flow spittin beats
1. a contraction of beat box, the urban contemporary of a cappella
2. a contraction of bitch-box, which is a group of 3 or more whiny spoilt females in the same building at the same time.
1. "Yo, the rhythm they got going with that b-box is tight."
2. "I can't take this b-box anymore. I think I'll go outside and light up."
by Du June 15, 2004
A stereo that is fly as hell gah
My b box is mad nice. infact it's so cnie people try to steall all the time in my hood of east side red bank. Why do you think I have all these stab wounds?
by E gah September 11, 2006