Bacon Blowjob: getting a blowjob while eating bacon.
OMFG! My girl gave me a BBJ last night! It was the most awesome experience ever!
by BBJgiver December 11, 2010
Top Definition
Acronym for "bare blow job," i.e., a blow job without a condom. Used by prostitutes and escorts in ads, e.g., on craigslist erotic services pages.
"Full service provider. BBJ 150 roses."
by Mr. Marcus September 20, 2007
Bottomless Blow Job. A Blow Job with a double meaning: Bottomless meaning no panties allowed, and Bottomless meaning endless or ends when you say so. It is literally the solution to all BJ issues and the bottomless aspect makes it much more convenient if you wish to receive more than just a BJ.
Friend one: Man I hate the time it takes for my girl to take off her panties after she gives me a BJ and we decide to bone.

Friend Two: Have you ever thought of having her give you a BBJ instead?

Friend one: Dude, you're a genius!
by fizzmacleskgoff January 26, 2009
Burger and Blow Job. The act of giving or receiving oral sex while enjoying a delicious burger preferably from Blake's Lottaburger.
The dogs shit all over the house and Shamus cleaned it all up before Gerty got home. So she rewarded him with a BBJ!
by StinkySnailDick March 28, 2015
BBJS or Bare Blow JobS is giving head with a condom. More frequently this is called BBBJs or Bare Back Blow JobS
She gave me a BBJS all night long, and I loved it!
by tom deve123 August 06, 2009
mostly used by young teens, meaning birthday blow-job. (a sexual birthday present)
"she's giving him a bbj for his 15th birthday."
by meg December 25, 2004
Belly button job. Your body part of choice, whether it is finger, toe, or chode, is forced into your partner's belly button. Strange sounds may arise due to intense tickledge of the navel. Imagine the Pilsbury Dough Boy, it's quite the rush. It's known as the new 5th base.
Mr. Oz and K-slice were once wrestling when they began to give each other BBJs.
by K-Sliice July 19, 2009
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