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Bareback Blowjob - A blowjob without a condom
I just got a bbbj from that slut down the street
by Mista playa man February 13, 2006
Escort slang, means BareBack Blow Job, no jimmy.
Maaan...yo mama gave me tha sickest bbbj!
by moneyjane July 01, 2004
no condom used, blow job
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
bare back blow job
got a bbbj off this street ho last ni'
by G March 04, 2003
Bare-back blowjob, i.e. fellation sans condom.

Also see BBBJTC, NQNS and NQBS
Jessica gives one of the best BBBJ's around!
by The Sixth Beatle October 15, 2005