Used when someone does something stupid, or is just a general idiot.

Basically the opposite of bazinga.
'I feel like such a bazooper for spelling February wrong!'

'Wow, you just managed to kick yourself in the head. Bazooper.'

'You're such a bazooper.'
#bazinga #idiot #stupid #twerp #fool
by BangPop January 10, 2013
Top Definition
A word that you use when you have done something really idiotic, or someone has completely owned you.

Can also be used when someone tries to trick you and they fail completely, or as an adjective to call someone an idiot.
'Well, I just turned up to the wrong exam room...bazooper!'

'You're a serious bazooper, bro.'

'Oh my god! All the ice cream has melted in the freezer!' 'Dude, I'm at home. Bazooper.'
#bazinga #fail #mistake #loser #retard
by sheldurnlurrcupurrr January 12, 2013
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