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Glasgow, Scotland origin, derogitary name given to one who is annoying, useless or just plain stupid. To compare one with such an ugly part of the male anatomy should be insult enough...
"Look you fuckin' bawbag, you are about as useful as a tit with no nipple."
by Jamie August 12, 2003
The Scrotum. Glaswegian Slang. Derogatory phrase.
"You're a fuckin' bawbag"; "You're a waste of a bawbag"(directed at useless male counterpart)
by zippy8015 October 27, 2005
A term commonly used by scottish people refering to a males scrotum.
Can be used as insult as well.

For example:

"I've goat this itch oan ma bawbag"

"Here...your a fuckin' bawbag"
by Gavaconoross January 09, 2007
British; The scrotum of a male, a mans nut sack.
That girl took my baw bag in her mouth and started humming the Star Spangled Banner. It was a little bit money.
by Mark Morgan January 23, 2005
"baw" translates into english as ball. thus making the word ball bag but in the "weegie" tongue it is pronounced baw. and is the perfect insult to any one in any situation. "utter baw-bag"
"here you ya baw-bag!"
"i can't beleive you done that yer a totaly baw-bag"
"aw big jon? he's a total baw-bag"
by jimmy marshall October 21, 2007
Plural of bawbag. People who are complete tools.
See that Malkster and Biffer? They're a pair of bawbags.
by Spanish Main January 04, 2015

Two Veg basket

Someone you dislike
Look at that guy with the plaid shirt and the oasis haircut. He's a bawbag!!

After being kicked in the privates, my bawbag really hurts
by Hector Mcdeedle March 19, 2003
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