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a large, disgusting, hideous specimen of the female form typically being pursued by your most inept friend under the influence, usually, of extreme beer goggling. A favorite target of shameless beta males, the battle ox serves as a slightly more uncommon "kill" in the icehouse to the usual staple diet of "tatanka" or "heffers" and other various fatties.. a battle ox is of linebacker size and stature with the face of a Hogbeast. see also "wildebeast", "hogbeast", and "Primagen".
"fours" and "fatties" are nothing new to him.... dude, i thought he could sink no lower than the primagen in his long history of unbearable disgusting kills.....until i saw the mindless smiling shtyla slinking out the back door of the pub with that enourmous BATTLE OX at closing..
by LordOgdenTheMerciless October 14, 2007

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