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To send someone's shit in basketball. Pretty much means when they put up a shot attempt, you send that shit into oblivion.
Nice block! You batted the shit outta that fool!
by cheapsoot November 30, 2011
To dish out that work on a gold platter.
To beat someone up.
To hit someone with a bat.
Yo bro you finna get batted if I don't get my money
by Chris & Brian KHS March 04, 2014
ugly, broken, used, busted; orignally coined describing some batted hookers on Bourbon Street, New Orleans. Can be used in multiple forms as described below.
(adj) That's one batted bitch!
(v) We batted that ho!
(n) I just saw batted walking up the block!
(adv) She's batted!
by HSP January 06, 2007