a brunette in school who acts as though she is blonde, and she has a good personality, and is a kind and caring person. she sometimes acts stoned, but you love her anyways.
Is Batsheva stoned? No she is just a pineapple.
by tacolover4352 December 26, 2012
Top Definition
daughter of the oath, daughter of seven, seventh daughter, daughter of Sheba
Batsheva is a woman's name
by poetdog7 October 15, 2009
She is stunning, kindhearted, and amazing. She loves the world and people can't help but love her back. She has a pure soul. She always wishes to help and she is an amzing friend! There is no one who can surpass her hard working personality and her pruductiveness. She is creative and will amount to much in life. She is popular among her friends and she is the leader of her group. People listen to her and follow in her ways. She is very talented and sassy. You can't take her down. She wins every game and argument. She remains humble and kind throughout her life. She is an amazing influence and a born leader. People follow in her ways. She is the trend setter. Nothing gets in her way and she is an inspiration to all.
is that an angel? No, but you were close.. it's Batsheva!
by inspirationTOall December 27, 2012
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