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A more polite and genteel way of describing what one does while perched upon the porcelain throne.
Chauncey Throckmorton:

I must say, my dear Douchington, that I partook of a good deal of those White Castle "sliders" whilst visiting the United States. While I confess the taste was quite delightful, I was dismayed at the havoc they wrought upon my gastrointestinal system. Upon hearing the cacophonous stomach rumbling, I realized that the need to attend to my bathroomly duties was indeed urgent!

Winston Douchington:

Oh dear, my good Throckmorton, is there anything to be learnt from this most unfortunate turn of events?

Chauncey Throckmorton:

Well, Douchington, I suspect that the lesson to be learnt here is that one should eat the damned things whilst perched upon the porcelain throne.

Winston Douchington:

Ah, but of course, my good Throckmorton. But of course!
by whimzzical July 13, 2010
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