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Bathroom (s)talkers are those people who are talking to you while you're going to the bathroom but they sorta try to look at ur ffet under the stall and kinda stalk you.
"Hey, Hannah is that you," the bathroom (s)talker says to the person in the stall while kinda trying to see wqho it is without watching them pee.
by Sammar101 January 17, 2008
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Someone that takes a DUMP several times during an 8 hour work day. When you see them headed toward the bathroom, you know one of the stalls is their destination.
Innocent Bystander 1: Hey whats that guy doing in the bathroom again? He was in there 20 minutes ago.

Innocent Bystander 2: Aww shit! He's a bathroom stalker!
by HardGay! October 29, 2009

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