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An semi-artificial insemination practice among some urban groups of lesbians when one of their member wants a baby.

They gather a number of their gay male friends/neighbours who all ejaculate into one cup, so paternity can't be nailed down. (the Lezzies want a baby, not a man!)

After stirring the cup's contents well, they use a turkey baster to suck it up then inject it deep into the mother-wannabe's uterus.
Tom: Well, I'm off to jack off for Lizzie's Baster Party
Rick: is that allowed with you not being gay?
Tom: hey, she doesn't know that, & this is the only way any part of me is ever getting inside her sweet pussy!
#turkey baster #inseminate #gay sperm #self-impregnate #bastery
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada March 18, 2010
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