A basser is a person who is into a lot of drugs. Someone who really enjoys experimenting with them.
Damn dude, you hear about that guy Freddy? He's a basser now man, he's doing everything on the plate like whoa, fo sho.
by emoc December 26, 2004
Top Definition
A basser is a person who plays bass, goddammit. Upright or electric, theyre very hands on and shy.
Look at that basser!
by THEbasser January 21, 2005
comes from the slang term used to describe smoking cocaine (free-basing). Since cocaine is highly addictive, people generally always have it on their mind and will do anything to get it. Henceforth, this term can be applied to anyone who exhibits these characteristics regardless of the drug they use.
Ex: Derek has pot. He smoked Phil out an hour ago, but Phil wants to smoke again. All Phil can think of is smoking again, and he keeps asking Derek if he wants to as well. Derek does not want to yet, and eventually replies, "I'm tired of your basser attitude!"
by mackaroon May 18, 2005
Someone who likes doing drugs, a lot. Any drug, they'll probably try it out or do it as much as possible depending on how much they like each particular drug.
Steve's a basser nigga, don't hang around him too long he always wants to get fucked up and try some new shit. Last time I hung out with him he offered me crack and I called him a basser. Then he started crying, I felt bad but I don't want to hang out with crackheads.
by emoc December 22, 2004
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