In singing, the bass (or basso) is the low male voice and the lowest of all six voice types. A bass is typically classified by a vocal range extending two octaves from around the second E below middle C to the E above middle C (E2–E4). The tessitura, or comfortable range, is normally defined by the outermost lines of the bass clef.

The deep, booming sound of the bass seems to come from dark caverns and the bass is usually called to perform the roles of kings, priests, fathers/grandfathers, gods, and Satan.

Some pop singers are basses, although the vocal subcategories used in opera are not applied to them. Examples include Barry White, Isaac Hayes, Thurl Ravenscroft, William Warfield, Harold Reid, Vladamir Miller, Burman Porter, Gary Miller, Wes McKinzie, Tim Duncan, Robert C Guy, Duane Adams, Gary Evans, Richard Sterban, Eric Bennett, George Younce, Christian Davis, Mike Holcomb, Jeff Pearles, Tim Storms, JD Sumner, and Steve Cross.
In popular music, there is not much attention paid to the bass. In classical music, basses are prized.

Based on vocal weight and voice type, basses can be further divided into the following subcategories:

Basso cantante: a light, lyrical voice suited to smooth, sweet singing. Usually in Italian and French opera; the closest German and English equivalent is the bass-baritone.

Basso-buffo: "buffoon bass", comes in both lyric and dramatic weight, but generally this deep, flexible voice is usually used for comical roles.

Basso-profondo: "deep bass", comes in lyric an dramatic weight, and is the lowest, darkest bass. Usually reserved for serious, elegant roles. Examples include Feodor Chaliapin, Maxim Mikhailov, Martti Talvela, Matti Salminen, Kurt Moll, an Kurt Rydl.
by Lorelili June 21, 2013
The thing that Meghan Trainor is all about.
"Because you know I'm all about that bass, bout that bass, no treble..."
by Space Wrangler October 31, 2014
B.A.S.S. basically means taking a Big Ass Super Shit
Chris had food poisoning from shit food on the street, so he often went to the rest room to let out a B.A.S.S.
by ompa loompa November 01, 2010
The lazy term for Badass, the act of being badass
This party is so Bass!
by lmart February 09, 2010
A low-frequency sound or instrument which is used to enhance music or provide some sort of musical ground. Most modern music uses electronically-generated bass synths, while traditionally-created music uses low-frequency instruments for the bass.

Bass can also be referred to an audio setting that makes the low frequencies of a song more pronounced.
The bass was set so high the stereo speakers got fried when the next song began to play.
by AYB September 14, 2003
The audio frequencies between about 20Hz and 250Hz. New music with synthesized effects can be produce very powerful low notes, so reproduction in the 30 to 50hz region becomes important.
Flat response may not give very satisfying bass as the ear is less sensitive as the volume and frequency go down.
by Monster Cable May 22, 2009
BASS in the colloquial description used in situations where someone is so overweight the fat on their BACK hangs down and merges with their ASS with no obvious demarcation between the two (i.e. their Back combines with their Ass to form a new single body part - their BASS).

Also refer to GUNT (i.e. a merged Gut and Cunt) and GENIS (i.e. a merged Gut and Penis).
“Check out the BASS on that massive lady. I can’t tell where her Back stops and her Ass begins"...
by Ha-G February 20, 2011
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