amazing word that can fit into any situation, most effectively used more than once
"wow, you are a douche"
by jmaddd June 09, 2008
The answer to EVERYTHING!
Friend: That girl you were hanging out with was fine!
Me: basically!
by Xerith June 25, 2014
Basically, this word is a responce to anything, and can be a replacement for a variety of words and expressions. SUCH AS: "yes" "amen!" "that's right son!!" "hello"(usually an IM greeting)
"peace out cuh" This was coind by an extremely sexy and witty Black kid named "AARONCUHXXX"
Cuh(individual) a- "yo cuh you pick up them twizzlers?"
CUH b- "basically!!"
Cuh a-(*who just found a buck on the floor, or aced a test*)-"oh shit, an A!! BASICALLY!!!
by XAARONX January 05, 2005
an expression used to express joy or glee when you've just realized something to your benefit or advantage.
Example #1
Person A: hey man, look at those 2 drunk ho's on melrose. we should pick 'em up.
Person B: basically!

Example #2
Person A: hell yea, i just won the lottery!
Person B: basically!! sheeit.
by hai2uci September 18, 2004
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