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The act of using the category listing device on twitter for the darker purpose of insulting or bashing someone. Can also be used as a insult towards people who intentionally use hashing on Facebook when it serves no actual purpose.
I discovered my daughter possibly did not enjoy our family bonding when she updated her status saying, "went to the zoo with family #boring #kill me#why do they hate me". That little bashtag just won her a summer pass to the damn zoo.
by Rileyfer May 09, 2013

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A hashtag word or phrase on twitter used to bash a particular celebrity, company, product, or lifestyle, often going viral. Usually they originate from funny running jokes, though sometimes they originate from a company's own marketing hashtag gone awry. Examples include #Drakethetype, #McDstories, #qantasluxury, #AskJPM
#Drakethetype might just be the funniest bashtag of 2013.

#QantasLuxury quickly turned from a corporate marketing tag to a bashtag after they stranded 80,000 people around the world.
by bluelaughter April 16, 2014