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One of the better tasting root beer sodas on the market. It is not as sweet as many other brands, and it does have a bite to it. A very good product.
by Zee October 27, 2003
A brand of root beer notable for being the only major North American root beer to contain caffeine.
Floyd: "Barq's has bite!"

Remy: "Well, duh! It has caffeine."
by Quackford August 13, 2007
Barq's root beer is the best brand root beer in the world!!! In your face, A&W!!!
This root beer kicks butt, it must be Barq's.
by anna_banana3 June 11, 2005
a line of cocaine
hey, let's go rip a barq
by your mom 1234 January 11, 2011
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