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A person who likes to try talking and acting like they're tough shit but is incapable of backing it up. Tends to be someone with a very bad temper and a loud mouth who likes make fun of people and start trouble, and as such, are not very well liked by people who know them. As soon as someone confronts them about their shit-talking they like to throw fits and resort to making threats that they cannot back up. Often times, people who fall under the definition of this term are frequent drinkers who engage in the aformentioned behaviors while under the influence of alcohol.
That Barney badass needs to get put in his place.
by gtfo7 February 27, 2010
An drunk irish man who lives at a bar. Usually got the gout. Also is really really gay. ie. homo
Barney badass is drunk again!!
by pimpdaddyc October 05, 2008
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