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adj. phrase to describe certain married females who wanted to work outside of the home but forbidden by their protective husbands. Usage common in the U.S. to about 1960.
Joe kept Sarah hushed up about working a factory shift by keeping her barefoot and pregnant. He knocked her up everytime she bled so she'd have too much to do at home than to think about other work.
by Richard Black April 29, 2005
When a man finds a woman to marry and make into a housewife to start a family with, keeping her pregnant and at home so taking care of child becomes her job while the man goes out to provide for his family
A dress wearing pregnant housewife hands each man a beer, smiles and goes back to the kitchen to cook dinner.

Mike: "Man I need a woman like that. Howd you manage to get so lucky."

Jim: "Trick is to just keep her knocked up. Keeps her at home taking care of me and the kids and running the household. She loves being a stay at home mom."

Mike: "Yeah but dont you want her to go out and work?"

Jim: "I like having her at home with the kids. Besides shes only gotten more beautiful since I've kept her barefoot and pregnant."

Mike: "I think I'm gonna have to find a woman to make barefoot and pregnant too."
#lifestyle #family #man #woman #pregnant #wife
by breeder jim April 18, 2015
a housewife, or just some one who doesn't do anything but produce babies and take care of them while the husband or boy friend does all the important stuff like brining home the bacon.
I didn't date Jhonny because he wanted me bare foot and pregnant.
#barefoot #pregnant #housewife #womanizer #wifebeater
by chri18 September 16, 2007
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