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certain underground bar of koreatown in los angeles, which gathers once a week, has arcades and drinks, and plays an array of ghettotech, raggae, and drum n bass. may also be verbalized.
-"hey you barcading tonite?"
-"I dunno i went to barcade last week and have to wake up early tomorrow anyways."
by ktowner March 14, 2005
A portmanteau of the words "bar" and "arcade," referring to an establishment that is a fusion of these two things: an arcade with coin-operated video games and a bar that serves alcohol.

There have been several barcades popping up around the US, including Ground Kontrol in Portland, Oregon; Shorty's in Seattle, Washington; and Barcade in Brooklyn, New York.
"Dude, I really wish a barcade would open in my city so I could play video games, drink, and socialize all at the same time!"
by gamez4ever April 16, 2014
a great establishment where you can enjoy playing video games and imbibing your favorite alcoholic beverages.

Most of games are the vintage favorites you know and love, mixed in with new and old radical pinball machines. On occasion one can even find the teen dream DDR.
" hey you goin' to Ryan's birthday party down at GroundKontrol, that barcade downtown?"

"Jay got so wasted at that barcade last night, He was more stoked to throw the virtual beers on Tubin' than actually playing the game. I totally beat him and got the new high score!"

"Did you see sarah at the that barcade last night? She was dominating the LOTR pinball game and killed at the 8-ball mutliball on that indiana jones game! She had boys buying her beers all night and drooling."
by tizzco May 03, 2010
A bar with arcade games
Lets play frogger and drink beers at the Barcade!
by Chm June 01, 2014

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