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1) A young girl of the age of twelve or thirteen two gives oral sex to young gentlemen in the stalls during a bar mitzvah party. Typically, these girls are JAP's who think they need to give head to prove themselves.

2) A old dirty girl who likes to pleasure herself with toys in the stalls of a bathroom during a bar mitzvah party, usually followed by exploding diarrhea. Typically, she can be notified by 6 tattoos on her face, and four on her lower thigh. They are too ugly to live and prey on young boys about the age of 6.

Ted: Oh my god, that girl squelched my cum.
Andrew: Ewww she's such a bar mitzvah slut!
Jacob: I gotta get me one of those

Bergs: I just heard a lady pleasure herself in the bathroom.
Speen: Did you see the exploding diarrhea? She was probably a bar mitzvah slut, those old bitches are crazy.
by soccerman93 March 31, 2009
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