a drunkard, an alcoholic
He was no bar fly but he did have had an awful lot of alcohol at his house.
by The Return of Light Joker June 04, 2009
When a girl and/or guy are in a serious relationship but they are overly flirty with others.
All these married bar flies are swarming the guys at the bar.
by realdeahl January 31, 2015
particularly sleazy man who spends a lot of time in bars trying to pick up strange woman
at last call the bar flies practically swarm every female in the room, so they can bring a piece of ass home.
by elena August 05, 2004
An old crusty done man who does sweet FA apart from getting shitfaced and asresholed in a generally run down pub, bar or tavern.
See the f*@king shape of yer man, nothing but a barfly
by Gerry November 17, 2004
one of my 2 fave clubs in Cardiff.

friday's your best option if you like rock music and you're pissed
shit, i cant go to Barfly tonight, i gotta get up at half past 6 tommorow morning to work. All this drinking wine at home for nothing
by wonderfool December 01, 2003
also.-bar fly
dem nasty, rowdy lookin', featherd wordwolf hair/wolf hair middle-aged females that "fly" from bar to bar lookin' for dick an' such from just about anyone.
"Damn that bar fly be lookin' haggard!"
by Silent Ninja c1998 July 16, 2003
A species of botfly that is attracted to the scent of alcohol. Its life cycle is similar to the botfly, however, the barfly lays its egg on the skin of unconscious drunken patrons in bars and clubs. Once the maggot is hatched, it bores into the skin of the victim and develop over the course of 6 weeks while feeding on the victims flesh. It then pupates and develop into an adult in another 2 weeks, the adult then fly away. The bar fly has been known to excerbate the effects of a hangover
"Dude! Shit man, a barfly must have laid an egg on you while you were passed out! There's a maggot crawling out of your arm!"
by Peezee-Ark October 05, 2003
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