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A test to prove if the stories about oriental women being "cut the wrong way" down below is true.

An oriental woman is enticed to remove her panties and slide down a bannister, whilst an indepentant witness listens out for the tell tale 'flubberlubberlubberlubber' noise made by friction rubbing against the oriental woman's sideways cut pussy.

Any non-oriental woman performing the same test will result in a smooth, friction free and silent ride to the bottom of the stairs.
Oli: "Jenny, would you mind performing the bannister test? I want to know if the stories are true..."

Jenny: "Sure thing"

Jenny removes her pants, hops on the bannister and starts to slide... 'flubberlubberlubberlubber'

Oli: "I knew it!"
by Johnny Smartypants July 31, 2008

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