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The offspring of people(?) from isolated communities who are married to his/her/?? father/mother/brother/sister/any near relation.

See also inbred, Royal Family
We played Sheerness East today, the banjo players kicked us all over the park!
by Monkey Boy November 20, 2003
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It is basicly a girl or boy who goies around 'playing' other people of the opposite sex. I.e Going up to them and making them think they like them when actually it is a devilish plot to rule over everyone.
Player: Your looking sexy today Grrr...
Uglyboy 18:Gee thx sexy lady

Later that day....

Uglyboy 18: Wow i think she likes me :P
Uglyboy 28: Nah she likes me you tart.
Clever boy 1: No you fools she is playing you like a banjo, i mean full on band practice.
by Tom July 09, 2004
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1. The ultimate offensive towards redneck/ignorant racists. Contrary to past belief, of Cracker and Honkie being the most "offensive" words towards white people, the term "Banjo Player" implies being a redneck with all of it's common stereotypes, including smoking a corn cob pipe, being uneducated, having bad teeth, commiting incest of no particular form, living in a hillbilly lifestyle, belonging to a racist organization, and of course playing a banjo.
2. One who plays a banjo.

Red: Hey 'der nigger boy, why don you go back to Africa with your friends!

Zach: *in sing-song faux redneck accent* My name is Red, and I'm a banjo player and I like to have sex with my twin sister -bing ding ding a ling a ding ding ding a ding a ding ling binga dinga ling ding ding- I drink moonshine, and I'd eat it with steak, but I'm too poor and I have 3 teeth -bing ding ding a ling a ding ding ding a ding a ding ling binga dinga ling ding ding-

Red: I reckon he's right! *cries and runs away*


Banjo player wanted for hoedown at the County Fair 04/23/11. Call Jack at 883-555-9326
by Jersey Jones December 01, 2010
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