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A girl who is Ghetto
Big hairs, Long weaves, unnormal hair colors, plastic shoes, grills in they mouth, broken english..Just straight hood!

I'm tired of being around these banjee ass girls.
by unknown531 January 03, 2007
Young man or woman (usually black/latino) who has a Hip Hop/ghetto/street swagger, look, and demeanor. (regardless of sexuality)

Started by black and latino gays in New York in the 80's. It was used to describe boys and girls "in the hood." Some say it is where the term "B-boy" derived from.
Girl, you know I love me some Banjee boys - lookin' all rough and stuff.

She is so Banjee, with her bamboo earrings and gold teeth.
by ghettogurl1973 August 08, 2011
is a young Latino or Black man who has sex with men and dresses in thuggish urban fashion
gay banjee homosexual black latino
by flaming homo February 01, 2007
urban men who have sex with men but are not effeminate or powerless.
I never knew Luis was a banjee
by Jerry2718 February 01, 2007
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