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bangers british for sausages,beans being beans, mash meaning mashed potatoes
i know you you wont just come for the cash. wont you come for my bangers beans and mash- Russell Brand
by aldous snow's budlk June 04, 2010
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bangers beans mash
An english term for sausage, beans, and potatoes.
Better known as penis, balls, and semen.
She doesn't come back for the cash,
she comes back for my "Bangers beans and mash"
by Ucfjim June 05, 2010
560 127
Fucking a girl while on ecstasy with a gun to her head
Sean Blaszczyk did a bangers beans and mash on Sara Massie last night with the safety off
by Sigma Tau Gamma October 10, 2010
62 356