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it can mean anything from something really good or really bad or something hot.
last night was bangerrang

or did you see him he was bangerrang
by courtamber April 11, 2006
A punk rock band from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. They're a 2-man band with a guitarist/vocalist and a drummer. They play short fast sloppy songs usually about non-nonsensical and often vulgar topics, but sometimes they write serious songs promoting or celebrating anarchist ideals.
bob: Hey friend, I sure am in the mood for some good old fashioned punk rock music, any suggestions?

Randy: well Bob, if you want to jump around and drink a lot of PBR and get smelly, you should go to a Bangerrang concert.

Bob: oh really?

Randy: Bob, it's great fun. but remember to drink a lot ok?
by f3hjdjh229dd July 05, 2009
Means to show EXTREME happiness!
luvitorshuvit7: Congrats You Just Won Tons Of The Moniess And An Lolcatz
(11:52:31 PM) KCs Got Sunshine: BANG-ER-RANG
by Kacie Black August 10, 2007