Another Word For Fine, Or 'Buff'
Mate, That Boys Proper Bang tidy, Get Meh ;)
by Messina April 08, 2008
Top Definition
sexy, well fit, marky babes
Keith Lemon: i think you are bang tidy
Katie Price: wot does bang tidy mean?
Keith Lemon: it mean i fink u is well sexy
Katie Price: well thank you keith
by Dominic Lui May 13, 2008
bangtidy means thats someone is really fit.
'ahhh he's well bangtidy!'
by charll May 24, 2008
fit, gorgoeous, good looking, shagable.
that guy is bangtidy ;)
by staceyA February 21, 2009
When male calls a female bang tidy, it means that they find them very attractive and worthy enough to have sexual relations with.
"That bird is bang tidy"
by jacque and bob September 30, 2007
When female calls a male bang tidy, it means that they find them attractive and worthy enough to to get down and dirty with
''That Boy Is Bang Tidy wud not mine a bit of him''
by aMalEz January 08, 2010
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