To have raw, dirty, demeaning sex. Made famous by the Arabian rap artists "Group X"
I just want bangbangbang... I don't want to talk to you... I just want bangbangbang... I don't want to know your name
by Rene Michalak June 29, 2004
Top Definition
All I want.
I don't want relationship
I just want
Bang bang bang
I don't want to meet your mom
I just want
Bang bang bang
by Anonymous August 01, 2003
The noise you hear when a young couple are having a good hard shag next door
whats that noise?
Its only next door having sex. i call it bang bang bang
by b.willy February 08, 2012
Extremely hot girl that you would engage in sex with. It is said really fast in an expressive manner. It is said loud enough for the girl to look when its said.

teaching a little kid this can bring forth the women.
A hot chick walks by and you lean over to your buddy...BANG BANG BANG!!!!! Buddy responds back with his approval of a Bang Bang Bang or a ugh yuck dude.
by Rick Jame October 07, 2009

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