a super elite counterstrike and quake 3 entity that will beat you unless your like CPL or some uber shit like that.

natural habitat is cs_office, aim_aztec, de_train, Q3DM17

normally found spelt with a ? for example "Bandersnatch?" so as to convey a sence of confusion.
i was trying to have a pleasent game of CS, but some 1337 guy called Bandersnatch kept owning me!
by Alex Mednick August 30, 2006
1.a beast in FF11 that continually kills Moody
2. An undead wolf
man, that bandersnatch raped u moody!!!
by Allan March 17, 2004
derived from the most bandersnatch poem The Jabberwocky by the esteemed Lewis Carroll, it has evolved to be synonymous with excellent, beautiful, or to be a general sign of happiness.
why keith, that is a bandersnatch osprey there; or, that would be bandersnatch if the beast was defeated and all osprey could soar the beautiful skies with no fear of the beasts banshee-like howl that turns heros to cowards and cowards to something worse than a coward. reeee.
by beast hunter November 14, 2004
An act involving two people, where a woman is fingering your asshole while sniffing it, while you suck your own dick. The term is commonly found as an enemy of sorts in video games and more than usually is a dog of sorts. Which is why the process involves a woman smelling your ass and fingering it while your are licking your own dick.
The morning after a bandersnatch my girlfriend had poop on her nose and fingernails, and my ribs hurt from doing it all night.
by FFXIBushido November 13, 2009
A dirty vagina with teeth and tenticles
A bandersnatch, is, but is not a limited to, a pit like being with fangs, tentacles, and normally suction cups!
by Kai Friend May 31, 2007
an extremely dirty pussy, most commonly found in whores, sluts or skanks.
DAMN! I was feeling kind of desperate so i fucked this skank and she had a nasty bandersnatch and she gave me crabs.
by joseph lauderman March 04, 2005
the reference to a girl/woman's pussy - of which isn't necessarily dirty or ugly from previous whorage - rather, the thought of or encounter with the vagina flags signals that it possesses foulness OR natural whorish form/appearance. The
mismanagement and neglect imposed on this particular vagina by its owner creates in turn a pussy not prepared to make impressions by any measure. However, it is still desirable enough to bang. It clearly has the potential to meet higher standards as well.
Examples of conditions which lead to the bandersnatch are as follows:

Subpar appearance/shape
Deformed symmetry

by Dshystey July 17, 2006

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