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(verb) to use 4011 at a self-service checkout machine to weigh out more expensive items at the going rate of bananas (typically $0.59/lb in 2013, future readers must adjust accordingly for inflation)

(noun) the PLU (product look-up) code for bananas; (noun) the number 4011 that a shopper must use to weigh bananas in the self-service checkout aisle
**At Walmart using self-service checkout machine**

Max: Fuck, this beef jerky is pricey!
Tim: Just banana code it.
Max: Just huh?
Tim: Give it here.

**Frustrated, Tim grabs the beef jerky, places it on the scanner, clicks produce, types in 4011, then throws it in the bag**

Max: What the?!
Tim: You've honestly never banana coded? Were you born yesterday?
Max: So my jerky is only 33 cents?!
Tim: (unimpressed) Yeah.
by Maxwell Dope November 13, 2013

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