Bust A Nut; To eject or discharge abruptly, especially to discharge (semen) in orgasm
I was smashin this chick and I B.A.N
by Jack Mehoffhardallnight December 27, 2011
To flash your genitals in a bathroom of the opposite sex while said bathroom is in use by the opposite sex!
Holy Shit! George just pulled a total ban in the ladies room!
by Dirtydick February 10, 2010
Bitch Ass Nigga
An individual (a black male) who possesses the overall qualities of a bitch. He is an unwanted, annoying nuisance that tends to get on the nerves of those around him. Every other word out of their mouth is bullshit and even he knows it. He is also never funny and will eventually come to the realization he will never, ever get any pussy...ever.
Girl 1: Wow. I can't believe that B.A.N. actually tried to use that corny ass pick-up line on me.

Girl 2: Idk where he thought he was goin wearin a button down shirt, Jeans, and army boots. Ugh. B.A.N.s make me wanna vomit.
by NillaChic848 February 24, 2012
Someone who gets Butt Ass Naked the following day after drinking hardcore the previous night. Only way to obtain this title is to do it multiple times. Can be achieved in Las Vegas.
Damn not again! This guy is dubbed "B.A.N," he woke up Butt Ass Naked again in the hotel!
by jinskii November 04, 2010
BAN stands for: Bitch Ass Neighbor
Yo broski, don't roll the bleezy right here. I have some BAN's who live across the street. We should regulate on that BAN Gretchen like we did on those ewoks that pump reeboks.
by StrtShininOnEmWkNggas July 26, 2009
Bust a nut
She was so hot that he BAN quick
by Aaaaaaaaaaaaa July 06, 2014
Abbreviation for " bitch ass nigga" adjective
If your in the hood, and someone doesn't want to do something you would say " dam you a ban "
Another situation

" why you got to be such a ban you ban."
by Farruko January 03, 2013

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