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giveing the qualites of a BAMF! to a non person object.
That party was BAMF-tastic. Their new CD is BAMF-tastic.
by G-Legos March 10, 2008
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Bad Ass Mother Fucker tastic - so badass it's tons better than bamf....and mad cooler than just BAMF..ahah
Billy Idol, David Lee Roth, Braveheart, The Rolling Stones, That's what she said jokes, Eddie Van Halen, Heavy Metal, Bon Jovi, Jon Bon Jovi's old hair, Grand Theft Auto, Wayne's World, The Who, Wayne's World 2, Scorpions (band), Chuck Norris, and Jamaican people, and scottish people are all bamftastic
by Marc D. L. June 13, 2008
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