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"a noun used to describe a special type of annual event, one which transcends normal definitions to become something of a myth, to be whispered about for generations to come. To qualify for such status, the party must involve the following in any combination: vomiting, nudity, alcohol, sex, dale winton, trees, horses, hole punchers, staples, goats, mothers and fire.

One should be careful not to confuse it with a bumdumfrazzlebop, which involves copious amounts of homosexuality. Many a good man has suffered after mistakenly suggesting to his friends that they organise a bumdumfrazzlebop. Symptoms of such mistakes involve a permanent limp, a fear of being in enclosed spaces with other men, and a perhaps unsurprising aversion to the word bum."
in hushed tones, at the annual christmas corporate event, barry says to manilow, "i hear dale's chirstmas party is a bamdamfrazzlebop".
by Bamdam51 November 17, 2010
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