Another term for absolutely breaking someone in a game of football/soccer. It is derived from Bamba himself who slaughtered 17 men in a freak tackle against Inverness Caledonian Thistle. He was later sentenced to 13 hours community service of cleaning Mixu's shoes (who's brother, Marcus was killed by Bamba).
Mate, I'll absolute BAMBA ye!

or just "BAMBA!!!!!"
#bamba #sol #mixu #marcus #soccer
by FiFi Stu February 22, 2009
Top Definition
In some countries such as Mexico, "Bamba" is used as a slang to say "Lets beat him up."
Brian stole my mp3 player "Bamba" on Brian!
#fight #smash #fuck up #punch #jump
by Brain D.E.D December 28, 2010
(n) Slang term for Cocaine
Wow, I did way too much bamba last night
by kidTHE August 10, 2005
An endearing term, used as a compliment. Usually between boyfriend and girlfriend; another word for "baby" or "babe"
"I love you bamba"
"Who's a wee cutie bamba?!"
#bamba #baby #bamb #babe #babes
by CutieBamba October 02, 2011

the action of make a fake of an original product also known as piracy .
Nigger: Dude, did you see that ABERKROMBEE shirt?
Another nigger: that's so bamba
#bamba #piracy #niggers #abercrombie #fuck
by CUCUCHANCHA April 25, 2009
An uncooth person, or a person that doesnt know how to dess. Also a person that acts or speaks with lack of intelligence. It can also be used as a non-offensive identifier.
Yo look at my new pokadot slacks.

--Man you iz a bamba
by DSLR August 05, 2003
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