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A manly man with bicep filled eyes,can kill a keg of natty light using a sippy cup in under 5 seconds, master of love making to women this is the original 'Mr. steal your girl' , master of the wrench can fix airplanes while in flight only using a step stool. or more simply put Chuck Norris's role model
"that guy is so Balsamo he crashed a house party in a different time zone "
by theking8787 November 23, 2013
short for "ball-sack",
-some one who thinks their good at every sport made
-afraid to talk to girls
-might be a transvestite
-think that he/she can fight any one any were
-might be 10% itialn but considers them self 110%
-"yo son, ill take any one on any were,any time," "wow he's being such a ball-sack"
-"yo son you want to go tapp thoese girls over there, ight you go first i'll fallow"
-"HOTT SAUCE!!" "what a ball-sack"
Used in a sentance:
Bro you lost five out of five sports we played today and your still talking shit, your such a balsamo.
- stop being a balsamo and just go talk to her.

by tristenass July 10, 2008
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