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full, beautiful lips, not unlike those of a balloon.
Angelina has some beautifulous baloops!
by William Dean A. Garner November 04, 2009
When you're using a public restroom and someone in the stall next to you drops a turd and as it hits the water, it makes a "baloop" noise.
I just heard a co-worker in the bathroom drop a baloop.
by joni bea February 24, 2005
The sound of bubbles that a fish makes whent it breaths.
Good to quote when awkward or boring moments happen.
baloop baloop baloop
by blahexceptmyusernamealready March 05, 2012
To show excitement regarding the compression of the penis.

WARNING: Excessive Balooping can cause small cocks.
Ooh baby keep squashing. Oh yes! Baloop!
by EC February 04, 2005

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