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full, beautiful lips, not unlike those of a balloon.
Angelina has some beautifulous baloops!
by William Dean A. Garner November 04, 2009
When you're using a public restroom and someone in the stall next to you drops a turd and as it hits the water, it makes a "baloop" noise.
I just heard a co-worker in the bathroom drop a baloop.
by joni bea February 24, 2005
The sound of bubbles that a fish makes whent it breaths.
Good to quote when awkward or boring moments happen.
by blahexceptmyusernamealready March 05, 2012
To show excitement regarding the compression of the penis.

WARNING: Excessive Balooping can cause small cocks.
Ooh baby keep squashing. Oh yes! Baloop!
by EC February 04, 2005