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someone that freeloads in a basement and is oblivious to society having no social skills.

also an ogre that sits in someone else's basement eating and playing video games or watching movies

a childesh-like adult who can't get a women because he is a lame-ass loser who slaps his lips and eats like a beast
Bally wally is still down in the basement eating and playing video games using our electricity and hasn't paid rent for six fucking months.

Bally wally is like a fucking child because he is a basement dweller and stinks the place up because he is like a shit stain that won't go away.
by dammon treck November 14, 2007
7 10
an idiot that freeloads in your basement and stinks. they don't pay any rent and just watch movies and play video games also having little social skills.
Bill is still a bally wally in the basement freeloading and stinking the place up. He's never going to end his virginity.

The dumb bally wally just stands around like a rock when we have people over.
by john lewis gregor November 13, 2007
4 10